Sunday, February 6, 2011

Quotes and the last remaing page

Quotes from the pilot episode are in. Well, for me those were memorable. If you feel there are more to add from the episode, let me know and I'll add it.

Oh, I can only have one more tab to use. I'll have to use it wisely now. *sigh* I also found out that if I edit the About Me section, it will also change my other blog. So that's the disadvantage of creating another blog under the same account. Oh, well. I moved the site's description under the header.


  1. Cool quotes! My standouts include Chris telling Wyatt to stop showing off and the Hallmark quote from Victor. That one's a classic!

    I also found these from your pilot epi:

    I hope Grandpa's ready for some distraction in his life.

    We'll only know when he returns from New York tomorrow night.

  2. Added it. :D I also love Victor's Hallmark quote too. I wanted it to be very telling how he wants to be a part of their lives - the good and the bad. He'll take it as long as he's there.


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