The Series



This show is set 26 years after Charmed left off. Wyatt and Chris share responsibilities of protecting the innocents and battling the Underworld has been an accepted part of their special destinies while maintaining regular lives.

Wyatt and Chris are the first of male witches born into a strong matriarchal Halliwell family.

The show focuses around Wyatt and Chris relationship with their mortal grandfather, Victor, whose inexperience to magic causes additional challenges as well as the threats from the rising Brotherhood of Thorn engaged in kidnapping good witches and mortals to purposes still unknown, crossing paths with other witches tasked to save innocents, stumbling upon an old prophecy, strengthening their bond with their sister, Melinda and re-establishing old friendships.

Each week we’ll see Wyatt and Chris thrown into situations that will test their brotherly bond, their inherent abilities or their belief systems contributing to changes that may and may not always be for the better as they face what Fate has in store for them. However, they will learn to rise above the challenges they meet and remember all lessons gained.

The show’s mood and feel relates to the first three seasons of the parent show and ventures into suspense and thriller meshed with heart warming family drama in between.


Dubbed as the mountain state, it is one of the country’s picturesque locales chosen to open the series bidding anew into the lives of the Halliwell brothers as they re-connect with their mortal grandfather. Each season we’ll find the brothers in a different locale.

THEME SONG: Until the End by Breaking Benjamin