Victor Bennett

James Read as Victor Bennett

Victor, the mortal grandfather is now into consultancy where the work would occasionally take him overseas. However, he had chosen US based company assignments to be closer to the family and had been an honored witness to either Wyatt's, Chris's and Melinda's coming-into-powers' milestones and has an audio journal to prove it.

He absolutely adores his grandchildren and has been guilty of spoiling them when they were growing up. He maintains close contacts with his daughters' families via E-mail or telephone call. He knows whose child had a toothache, whose little girl was treated from poison ivy after a family camping, who was struggling in Math, who was broken hearted or who lost out in a photo contest.

He fears, he’s very inadequate because he doesn’t posses any witch powers compared to his family who are all deeply entrenched in Magic. Despite the short-comings, he had promised himself he’ll “never run out of the door again”.

He had forged a solid friendship with Leo and has given Henry invaluable advices when it comes to family throughout the years.

For someone who's in his late 70's, he's in good shape.