Music Room

Season One 
Here you'll find the music inspirations when each story was created. No copyright infringement intended. Sole ownership to respective artists. These songs inspired me to write a scene to complete the story. Thank you.

Opening Credits  trailer (WIP)

Theme Song: Until The End by Breaking Benjamin
I had a video trailer made before but due to computer problems, the file was lost. I'll have to compile again from scratch. Watch this space.

Episode One:  The Charmed Paladins
Listen to Days Go By by Lifehouse
Listen to Come on, Come in by Velvet Revolver
Listen to Headstrong by Trapt
Listen to Hysteria by Muse
Listen to Whisper and Clamour by Anberlin
Listen to When Dead Man Walks By by Lacuna Coil
Listen to Had Enough by Breaking Benjamin
Listen to It's My Life by Bo Bice