Florence Kelly

Romola Garai as Florence Kelly
She was born October 12, 1830 to a wealthy and well-connected British family. Her father disowned her after finding out she was taking up Nursing. She continued with her studies with only an aunt supporting her. She graduated with top honors, 24 years old, 5'9". She's neat, patient, selfless and open-minded which appears fickle-minded to her fellow nursing peers. She was dubbed, the troubadour in their batch. 

Florence was one of the nurses who accompanied Ms. Nightingale in Crimea. Unfortunately, she contracted Typhus a year after her arrival and was the one of the last patients to succumb while in Scutari.

Her selfless acts for the soldiers led the Elders to offer her a choice between staying in the Afterlife or to become a Whitelighter. Wanting to continue to serve, she chose the latter.

Like doctors overseeing many patients, Whitelighters see many charges. Through the course of episodes, we will see her deal with other individuals.