Season One

EPISODE 1: The Charmed Paladins
The mantle of protecting their family tome now falls on confident shoulders of the Halliwell brothers. Wanting to surprise their grandfather, Wyatt and Chris arrive in Burlington, Vermont unannounced.

The brothers face demons, two ghosts with a handed down prophecy, a former innocent, a retired witch who resents his heritage and meeting two members from the Brotherhood of Thorn. One thing is clear; their summer stay will be eventful. 

EPISODE 2: A Psi Vampire Cometh

Concerned for their grandfather's well being, Chris and Wyatt decide to guard Victor from Sadumel who still poses a threat. However, news reports of unexplained deaths around town send the Halliwell brothers edgy because the demon's killing method is different.

EPISODE 3: More Things Go Bump In The Night
Sadumel has gone M.I.A as a string of missing person cases gripped the neighborhood in fear. But when the next victim happened to be a witch, Wyatt and Chris investigate.

A freelance journalist tips Chris about a box full of cold cases matching the same M.O. dated fifty years ago. What could be the connection? Chris must find the answer fast or more witches would die. Meanwhile, Wyatt also continues to look for Eve Travis last whereabouts.

EPISODE 4: The Brotherhood Is Rising

The pieces are falling to place. Wyatt and Chris know there are more into this chess game. Chris arms with a bagful of counter spells and potions after giving in to Wyatt's plans and they return to the Underworld to face the Brotherhood head on. Will they succeed or will they learn a lesson that will cost almost their lives?

EPISODE 5: Enemy Within

Chris notices growing peculiarities in his grandfather's behavior. Wyatt then finds their family tome hidden in different areas of the attic, forcing the brothers to set a trap. The trap was sprung and the identity of the captive happened to be the last person on Earth they would expect to go after the Book of Shadows.

EPISODE 6: Amazing Roadblocks (Working Title)

It has been a perilous situation for a mortal to be in the Underworld but staying for extended periods was totally unheard of. After squeezing the information out of Nahopahon, the Phase wraith disguised as Victor, the brothers return to the Underworld only to meet roadblocks. They must rescue their grandfather at all cost before Victor loses his mortality.

EPISODE 7: Elder of the Night (Working Title)

Wyatt's wrath spurs him to orb Up There to get answers why he can't heal his grandfather and a visibly shaken Chris couldn't bring himself to call his mother about what happened to Victor, instead orbs his father to Vermont. Wyatt returns with the youngest Elder named Kevin, hoping that he could help their grandfather. Back in the Underworld, the Brotherhood gloats at their latest challenge against the Halliwell brothers. 

EPISODE 8: Piper's woes (Working Title)

Piper couldn't believed her sons had hidden the fact their grandfather spent a month in the Underworld but what hurt her most was they never thought of telling her.

EPISODE 9: Better Late than Never (Working Title)

Victor reads an old obituary of his business contact, Joan Witt. He goes the New York to pay his respects but instead he uncovers more than an accidental car crash. Someone is still killing former innocents. The Halliwell brothers are confounded because they have vanquished Sadumel. Now, they must figure out who's continuing the job and end it. Meanwhile, Wyatt feels under the weather.

EPISODE 10: Janus (Working Title)

Victor obstinately tells Chris to go and enjoy the summer vacation he and Wyatt had planned when they first came here to Vermont. After numerous negotiations, Victor tags along with his grandsons to a ski resort owned by a bounty hunter on the demonic side. Is he friend or foe to the Halliwells?

Wyatt continues to feel inordinately sick with no reason until the red welts from Mahir's chaos touch appear.

EPISODE 11:  Hero Worship

Wyatt was leaving a bookstore after buying books about construction engineering when he hears a cry for help in the parking lot. He rescued a young boy being chased by two burly men. Aware of magical exposure, Wyatt raced to help and tackled the guy near the boy. With an exchange of flying kicks and punches, the two men retreated. The boy now carried a high admiration for Wyatt. The boy has no recollection of he is but fears the police because the dark men are found there.
EPISODE 12: How to save an Empath

Noble Dennison was once a Whitelighter and now a 75 year old mortal with a dying wish. He wants to find his daughter Carmela, who had gone missing for over 25 years. Noble mistakes Wyatt who he thinks is his old friend, Leo.
EPISODE 13: Mercy Killing

The brothers rush to New York after they receive a call from the hospital staff informing them that their grandfather was found unconscious.

They soon hit a trail of desiccated bodies again and meet Felicia, a witch transforming into a Phase wraith. She pleads them to end her life, to stop her from killing anyone else and becoming a minion to the Brotherhood of Thorn. Will the brothers’ grant her wish?

EPISODE 14: Secrets and Lies

A day gone awry and Wyatt can’t keep a secret due to this; Chris ends up a prisoner of the Brotherhood of the Thorn. Meanwhile, Adenat finds out Raos’s secret

EPISODE 15: To Cut The Ties That Bind

Wyatt is frustrated because he can’t control his powers that way he used to before getting trapped inside the fog and Mahir using his Chaos touch on him.

EPISODE 16: When Darkness Falls

Wyatt grows weary of the constant battle raging within him. He doesn’t even hear Chris’s calls for help but when he finally comes to his aid, would it be too late to patch up the growing animosity between the brothers?

EPISODE 17: Four Shadows

Chris’s wakes up in the middle of night from a nightmare and blasts a figure standing before his bed. No adequate sleep for the whole week and Chris begins to see four shadows everywhere. Victor is worried but Chris guarantees him that he has been through worst. But can Chris handle it when even reassuring link between him and Wyatt is no longer available for him to access.

EPISODE 18: The New Apprentice (Part One)

Wyatt has gone dark side. Chris and Victor head to the Underworld to rescue Wyatt from the Brotherhood. Meanwhile, Carmela hands Victor an ancient scroll called “Y Brodryr chan Nghyfellion” (The Brethren of Friends).
EPISODE 19: Halliwell no more (Part Two)

Chris suffocates from the dark influence Wyatt has let spread through the now opened emphatic link. Victor’s fearful that Chris will be next to turn evil. Victor must unravel meaning of the scroll, “Y Brodryr chan Nghyfellion” before he loses Chris too.

EPISODE 20: Raos’s Triumph

Power hungry Wyatt starts wrecking havoc in the Underworld but the Brotherhood has been ready for ‘Wyatt’s rebellion’ and let the warlocks deal with the rogue apprentice.

Carmela must find a way to get word to Chris or Wyatt’s soul will be under Raos’s control once he kills all 13 warlocks. 

EPISODE 21: Brother Against Brother

The inevitable confrontation, will only one survive?

EPISODE 22: The Casualties

A life saved yet another life hangs in a balance.