Chris Halliwell

Drew Fuller as Christopher Perry Halliwell

He’s the second son of a Charmed One (Piper Halliwell) and her Whitelighter (Leo Wyatt).

Chris may have outgrown his feelings of inadequacy being compared to Wyatt, in the 'fire-power' department, during his teen years; it doesn’t stop him from desperately shaking off his brother's shadow by going on demon hunts by himself.

As cool as a cucumber, Chris is known to have back-up plans and spells to get himself and his brother out of demonic jams although their strategies always go hand in hand, they often realize but not openly admit that they work best as a team. He's 24, athletic with dark hair.

Aside from spell casting, his active powers are a mixed between ascended whitelighter specific powers and witch powers. They are cloaking, telekinesis, telekinetic wave, limited telekinetic immobilization, remote orbing, molecular combustion, senses time portals, and he can put callings of charges on mute, orbing and a strong sense connection to Wyatt, Melinda, his parents and Victor.

He enjoys cooking as a way to relieve stress from demon hunting, taking a stroll at the park with Bianca, biking and playing the rhythm guitar.

His dislikes are: getting caught in the rain, Wyatt’s mess in the kitchen and being compared to Wyatt.

His fears include losing any member of his family, losing his powers and not having someone to love.

He's currently working as a social worker at an adoption agency.