Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Do you enjoy traveling or would you rather be at home?

I thought I do this Charmed Paladins style....

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Linda: I enjoy traveling because it keeps whoever is after me the unwanted difficulties of trying to pin me down just to vanquish me but circumstances now prevents that so I'm doubly alert.

Tammy: As as long as DJ's with me, travel or stay will be fine with me.

Bianca:  I'm getting tired of traveling really. Ever since I perfect my first spell I was always out. I like to smell the roses this time around.

Florence: Travel of course! I've chosen the right job for it too and I'm still loving every second of it.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

In my head I paint a picture..

Future Wyatt orbing in
Forever we go
We drift alone

You may come
Draw up your feet
To sit beside me for a while
Or you stroll away yet again

In my head I paint a picture 
Your golden light
Encompassing, healing
and real.

This is one of Linda's poems about Wyatt that she kept in her secret files. Visit Carry On Tuesday for more about the prompt. I thought I give it a TCP-twist.