Wyatt Halliwell

Wes Ramsey as Wyatt Matthew Halliwell
He's the first-born son of Piper Halliwell (a Charmed One) and Leo Wyatt (her Whitelighter). He's the prophesied Twice-Blessed witch where magic stopped on the day of his birth. He's also the future heir to the legendary Excalibur and deemed the most powerful magical being to walk on this Earth.

He carries a laid back attitude despite the seemingly heavy burden on his shoulders but there's more to him that meets the eye.

He's overprotective of his brother to a fault and prefers to have guns a-blazing on demon hunts. He has a tendency not to easily shake off the self-blame when he loses an innocent and it does happen even for a Twice-Blessed witch. He's 26, blond, athletic and was the high school heartthrob title bearer.

The powers at his disposal are: healing, force shield, orbing, and limited telepathic connection to charges, has a strong sense connection to Chris, Melinda, his parents and Victor, telekinesis, telekinetic combustion and generating energy gust. 

Several of his powers were bounded due to his naughty streak during childhood. These were: telekinetic immobilization, glamouring, projection, switch powers, energy balls and invisibility.

When he reached his 18th birthday one of his bounded powers became accessible and each year his other bounded powers opened to him as well.

He enjoys chilling in front of the television, sketching, playing the piano and spending a quiet time on top the Golden Gate Bridge. He’s Leo assistant when there are things in the manor that needs fixing.

Some of his dislikes are women only interested in having a super witch as boyfriend and having to make a seven course meal.

His fears are becoming a power hungry tyrant, losing Linda or his family and giving in to pride.

He's currently finishing his Master’s degree in Construction Engineering.