Other Characters

Linda Maeren Eldreth
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Keri Russell
Born and raised in Connecticut, she left her home place for the first time when she started her freshman year in high school in San Francisco to hide her pain of her parents’ divorce, which was due to the death of her older brother, Keith who protected her from an upper-level demon bent on killing them.

Voted in high school as the “Golden couple” she and Wyatt were high school sweethearts. She’s also a good friend of Chris. However, by the time she reached third year, she drastically cut off everyone else she knew in San Francisco at the heels of her mother’s death and returned to Connecticut to finish her final year and hopefully, to heal.

She returned to San Francisco, mid-way through college term, with her father when he had taken over his late sister, Adelaine’s antique shop. She began contacting her old friends too. She has reconciled with Wyatt who had hoped they would be able to re-kindle what they had once before but it wouldn’t be so.

She came from a long line of witch families. However, upon discovering an ancient family warning that threatens her chance of happiness, she has pushed any guy who wanted to be more than friends with her. Until she finds the solution to the warning and who is after every Eldreth family member, she won’t let anyone else get hurt through her. 

Her abilities are Three-fold magic were the power of her spells increases three-times; she has evolved elemental powers, the ability to see auras and the ability to see people’s memories by touch.

She loves dancing and spends her Saturdays at the local dance theater started up by her best friend, Tammy Holden. She holds dance classes and works as a part time choreographer for dance troupes.

She has an open dislike to Phoenix witches because her mother was betrayed by one. If not for her father’s timing, she would have lost her mother three years earlier.

A business management graduate, she also co-manages the antique shop in downtown San Francisco.

Bianca Frances Walsh

Taylor Cole

Bianca was born in Salem, Massachusetts. She had spent most of her growing years learning her Wiccan heritage and had grown to embrace the life of a Phoenix witch throughout her young life.  

A week after her college graduation, she was given an assignment that led her to New Orleans. 

However, not everything ran smoothly in this operation and had faked her own death to escape from her family’s legacy. She also unwittingly awakened a dark evil from her last assignment and it wouldn’t be a couple years later will she face it again.

She bounced from one security job to another when she moved to San Francisco to recover from her ordeal. During her security shift at a museum, Bianca helped prevent a heist. When the curator also found out that Bianca was also familiar with ancient artifacts, he offered her a position as a cataloger. She accepted it and worked long nights in the museum.  A few months in her new position, she met Chris Halliwell where she began to learn there was more in just being an assassin for hire.

She likes reading romantic novels, enjoys leisure walks at the park with Chris and being on her toes is second nature to her.

Her abilities include: power stealing, shimmering, cast energy balls and conjuration of items (including Athame).

She doesn’t like going back to Massachusetts especially to her family. She hopes none of her family or from the coven would seek her out and bring her forcibly back to the fold.

She’s an archeology graduate.

Gabrielle “Gaby” Zane

Larisa Oleynik

She was only two years old when her father uprooted the family from New Hampshire to San Francisco.

She’s a nascent witch who came to her abilities when she was in college. Her ability to impel the truth from people, an illusionist and to blend well with her surroundings like a chameleon spooked her too much and asked her father who wasn’t forthcoming. 

Her father had turned away from his Wiccan heritage after her mother was admitted to the mental hospital caused by a demon attack her father wasn’t successful in thwarting, years ago. When she was two years old, she developed a heart condition after getting in the crossfire between her Aunt Sara’s power and Ipemat’s powers. It only bothers her when she pushes herself to the limits of her abilities.

Florence Kelly, their Whitelighter has helped her tremendously but it wasn’t enough. 

Intrigued by her growing abilities, she sought out covens throughout her college days that would help her understand her witch/mortal heritage.

Although a former high school batch mate of Chris, she hasn’t met the brothers earlier. She’ll meet Chris two years after college, when he rescued her from a Dogan and his Darklighter companion. (Season 2, episode "The Prize.)

She’s easily persuaded and readily signs up for any coven that catches her fancy. She goes out of her way not to miss any visiting day with her mother. She harbors anger because of what the demon did to her mother while making her father a distant man. She will do whatever it takes to get her family together again.

She shows slight jealousy to Linda but will develop into a full blown envy.

She’s an Architecture graduate and taking her Masters degree.

Melinda Prudence Halliwell  

Shannon Woodward

She’s the third child of Piper Halliwell (a Charmed One) and a now mortal, Leo Wyatt. She was born three years younger than Chris. 
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A feisty girl, who enjoyed trying new things, she had never regretted the bruises and scrapes she experienced as a testament from her spunky childhood days.  

Despite her seeming level-headedness which she inherited from her Aunt Prue, she has the tendency to bite off more than she can chew. She prides herself as self-reliant and doesn’t ask for help from her brothers or her family if she knew she can do it on her own.

Her being a perfectionist scares guys away which makes her hopeless romantic side go on overdrive thus, she would find herself dateless.  
She doesn’t like to fail her stronger and older brothers.

She fears her brothers won’t love her because she’s not strong enough compared to them. 

Her nightmare is seeing herself die in a ball of fire under the hands of her brothers.

Her abilities are:  temporal immobilization, molecular combustion and pulse flare which is an evolved form of fire generation.

She’s in her last year taking Business Management.

Tammy Holden

Bree Turner

Tammy hails from San Francisco and a mortal friend of Linda and to the Halliwell brothers.

She first met Linda when she auditioned for the lead part in the dance production in high school during their freshman year.  

Ever since then, the girls have been inseparable until junior year when Linda moved back in Connecticut after the death of her mother. She tried to keep in touch with Linda through the difficult months but Linda never replied her e-mails. She was terribly saddened by the ending of their friendship and hope she would meet her again in the future.

It was through Linda that she met the Halliwell brothers and has kept in touch with them through the years.

She left for London a day after her high school graduation to study Dance at a university and to forget ‘golden boy Wyatt’ she had been secretly crushing since freshman high.

She found out from Wyatt that Linda had returned to San Francisco by their third year college and the moment Tammy found the next break from her own studies, she flew back in to San Francisco to surprise Linda. The girls have re-connected and Linda now promised to “reply all of her e-mails”. This was also the time she is reunited with Derek John “DJ” Martin, who becomes her present love in her life.

After graduating from her Dance studies, Tammy returned to San Francisco and started her own dance production company.

She was perhaps one of the few people who enjoyed her high school and college years because not only she had three best friends in the world, they have included her in their distinctly magical lives.

She fiercely protective of her friends and forgets that she doesn’t have magical powers to back her up. She likes wearing colorful tops and skirts.

She dislikes traffic jams.

The day Linda found about her embarrassing high school puppy love memories involving Wyatt while back in college, made her wish she could crawl under the rock.

She’s taking a couple of minor management courses at the university to help her with her business decisions.

Derek John “DJ” Martin

Kristopher Turner

DJ, as he’s most commonly called, is of half-manitore and half-human mixed heritage, grew up with Wyatt and Chris since the sandbox age. Derek’s father took Piper’s invitation finally and decided to move back to San Francisco from New York. He knew DJ would need a lot of positive influence in his life and being near with the Halliwells’ provided his son the support group, he needed later in his life.

Little DJ, Chris and Wyatt were the Three Musketeers every Hallow’s Eve and like all little boys in their secret club house; DJ was the ‘blood brother’ to the Halliwell boys.

He may not volunteer immediately to be the rear guard in most of their secret missions but DJ will step up the plate when circumstances call for it. He has rescued the brothers many times and would not tell his dad about his adventures. He was afraid his Dad won’t let him play with Wyatt and Chris anymore.

He has a paralyzing fear of Manticores, which was discovered during one of their orb, shimmer-and-go-seek games when Wyatt used the Underworld as his hiding place. DJ almost lost his life when they came there due to Wyatt’s aptitude for daring him and Chris. If it weren’t for Chris’s fast spell casting, DJ wouldn’t be with them anymore. After Wyatt healed him from his major wounds, DJ made Chris promise not to tell their parents where they went.

Unfortunately, the secret keeping between the three boys, was finally unraveled by DJ himself, who at age ten, had been suffering from recurring night terrors since their return to topside several weeks after their untimely trip to the Underworld.

Upon learning from his son, where Wyatt had taken them last, Derek Sr. instantly became furious at Piper and Leo. Victor who had been present offered to speak with Derek Sr. alone.

It was this incident where Piper and Leo decided to bind several of Wyatt’s powers as punishment until their own son realizes the responsibilities attached to having these vast powers.

It took six months to help DJ out from his night terrors and Wyatt repeatedly apologized to DJ for putting him through this ordeal. DJ and Wyatt patched up and became good friends.

High school was a turbulent age for DJ because he began manifesting Manticore traits such as sensitive auditory and heightened olfactory senses and near debilitating intolerance to light. He wears a special contact lens or glasses to protect his eyes.

He took notice of Tammy at the high school dance production and due to Wyatt’s sometimes (if not most of the times), merciless teasing, landed him an after school activity with the light production staff. It provided him an excuse to spend time with Tammy during rehearsals.  

DJ’s fascination with light effects made him pursue a course in Graphics and Advertising in College. It wasn’t until his third year when he realized his feelings for Tammy remained. However, Tammy didn’t believe in long distance relationships and won’t commit but allowed to maintain contact with him. DJ’s only request from her was to give them a chance if they should meet again in the future. Fate smiled at them and Tammy did return, still carrying her feelings for him. 

He loves his X-box games, a comic con attendee, he enjoys the dancing lessons set up by Tammy to cure his two left feet, and he keeps his hyper possessive Manticore trait in a tight leash when other men show interest in Tammy instead for her dancing credentials.

He’s a graphics artist graduate and is working for a web designing company in San Francisco.


Leralim/Christian James Malagon

Shane Brolly
A two-century-old upper-level demon with a witch heritage that he had long rejected but cannot deny the incentive this complex mix in his lineage had brought to him and his twin brother.

He is very determined and brought in results which conceal his envy towards his demonic associates. When he exceeded the expectations of The Source of All Evil, it garnered him distinction as one of the best upper-level demons and became 'one of the most feared members' in the Brotherhood of Thorn.

Aside from being able to generate fireballs like all upper-level demons, he has the ability to destroy souls known as Crimson touch, due to his witch heritage. A rare ability he kept hidden from the rest of the Underworld except to Mahir, his twin brother.

He and Mahir will resume locating their human descendants and destroy them after the Brotherhood has secured hold of the Underworld. He's the oldest of the twins, robust built and carries an elaborate facial marks of an upper-level demon.

Mahir/John Richard Malagon

Warren Christie

Similar in built as his older twin brother and carries identical facial marks of an upper-level demon.

Mahir garnered later numerous recognitions and entered the Brotherhood 50 years after Leralim had been accepted. 

He is equally driven but harbors no envy towards other demons except his fury is directed to the descendants of his father's side.

Adding to his fireball generation power, he has the ability to bring disorder into the victim's minds called Chaos touch which, brings about the fog when he attacks. Its effects are always variable.

The Source was the only one who can tell the twins apart. However, Raos, leader of the reformed Brotherhood, displayed the same skill.


Daniel Goddard

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A former Founder, he seeks revenge on Eneson (a Founder) who was chosen to guard the swords of the Archangels. He was exiled from the realms of the Founders due to jealously. In his anger, he changed his name and his handsome face was lost due the grotesque thoughts he let dwell in his mind. He swooped down on Earth much to the regret of the Founders because he wasn’t supposed to cross mortal’s 
world. It was said, his first steps on Earth many millennia ago brought about the first demons in the Underworld. 

Efforts to retrieve Soar were done by contacting the witches and the mortals but the casualties rose higher until the Founders decided to withdraw and waited for Soar now known as Raos to emerge again.

He dwelt in the Underworld and became a silent member of the Brotherhood of Thorn. He never aspired to be the Source of all evil and relished the entertainment as he watched the futile efforts of the Source and other demons against the Charmed Ones.

He made a name for himself and had crossed paths with Balthazor many, many years later. He broke away from the group when Cole killed Rankor, the leader of the Brotherhood. All the members hid. It was only recently that the Brotherhood started to rise again after licking their wounds for so long.

One of his abilities is Death Bolt, an altered ability of a Founder where his mere presence brings about instant death on the intended victim.

Nabon/ Mr. Trey Livingstone

Jerry O’Connell
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He’s an upper-level demon with a serious passion towards his Art. He controls the Phase Wraiths under his command. He offers the suitable Phase Wraith to Raos’ plans. His deepest desire is to make the Brotherhood of Thorn a feared group once more and holds absolute allegiance for Raos. He loathes Cole’s treasonous action when he killed Rankor.

Nabon wanted to vanquish Cole’s spirit from Limbo if it was up to him but he doesn’t have the power to enter and exit Limbo.

His abilities are Soul Shield, where with the help a chant, he has the capacity to trap the victim’s soul inside the body and Tunneling Mind where he shrinks a victim’s brain by a mere gaze.

He also controls Dunaz an ancient creature he had tamed many centuries ago. The creature visits the homes of young witches and takes special interests on children who have vivid imaginary friends. Once it finds the necessary opening it will begin its attempts to dare the child to do one bad deed to seal the fate of the witch. Dunaz returns every six years until Raos deems it fit to kidnap the witch and turn him or her into a warlock.