Episode On: The Charmed  Paladins
CHRIS   I can't be the one to always save your witchlighter butt. 
WYATT That demon Skriel didn't do anything to me. 

WYATT   Look, you worry too much and at your rate, you'll be like mom. 
CHRIS  You're not worried at all.
WYATT  That I was blindsided? 
CHRIS  Yeah.

CHRIS(mischievous) Catch you later, bro.
WYATT  Chris! Don't go cocky!

CHRIS  All that practice with Dad, paid off.
WYATT  You finished here, Maverick?
CHRIS  That was your nickname when you were 12.
WYATT(observes) You seemed to want it badly today.

WYATT I hope Grandpa's ready for some distraction in his life.

CHRIS We'll only know when he returns from New York tomorrow night. 

VICTOR  Oh. Everything's fine. I just had a 'Hallmark' moment there.
WYATT  And there'll be many more, Grandpa.

BOY 1 (to Victor) You brought Angels!  (jumps) Can we go where Mom went?

WYATT  Remote orbing, now, who's showing off.
CHRIS Quit it. You have an arsenal of active powers.

JACOB   I was right! They are the Charmed Paladins, Arnold! Just like in Mom's bedtime story!  
WYATT  Charmed Paladins? 

WYATT  The Brotherhood of Thorn!
MAHIR  You're familiar with your history, Wyatt Halliwell.
WYATT You're not a slouch on the area too.

CHRIS  There were red welts everywhere and the fact that you haven't stopped glowing tells me that Mahir's handiwork was deep.

CHRIS   Mom will ground us for letting Grandpa stay in the Underworld too long. 
WYATT  We're not in high school. No, Bro, she'll blast me and disown you.