Sunday, February 6, 2011

Almost freaked out...

After scrounging flashdrives that held my TCP notes and after glaringly scrolled to loads of document titles bearing similar headings, I found what I was looking for! The character profiles. Whew. Oh, why I do this to myself? I know there's an efficient way to be organized.

I'm still in the process of adding pages and I don't know if I can rearrange the pages to the way I want:  Wyatt's page, Chris, Victor and then Florence. Hmm. Any ideas?


  1. HUGE CONGRATS TO YOU!!! I'm glad you're keeping this series alive ;) I'd love to see a Music section, where you post the soundtrack mix for each epi. And maybe unforgettable quotes too :D

  2. Don't worry, Jules. Those will be up next! Thanks so much for dropping by. Btw, I'm going to use the same pdf site you use to house your scripts too. That was one fab site. I glad you found it. :D

  3. Yeah, it's fabulous. I highly recommend it :D Just sign up first so you can edit or delete your files. x


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