Saturday, February 12, 2011

Episode One: The Charmed Paladins

It would take another week or so before the script will be up. I'm taking my Saturdays TCP time to make up some lag time. I've started to copy and paste the material from .doc to Final Draft ( and yes, I know there's a way to convert .doc file to .pdf.) but I've found myself adding tidbits for the prologue. The italics were added.

A lone taxicab parks on front of an attractive three-level colonial home tucked in the middle by lofty trees. A female jogger shifts her attention to the newcomers and nearly stumbles while spying out for


with a confident swagger and still carries the Mr. Heartthrob title from high school, casts an appreciative glance around the charming community.

WYATT   Grandpa has to retire in an area like this.

He assists the taxi driver hefting the last heavy luggage. 


an inch shorter than Wyatt, who tends to have an air of seriousness, wraps a protective arm over his backpack.

CHRIS  Honestly, bro. You make look bad.

He notices the jogger.

CHRIS (CONT’D)   You okay? 

The jogger gives him a thumbs up and limps away.

WYATT   She must have 20/20 vision ‘coz I didn’t even turn my smoldering look on.

CHRIS   I think she’ll remember you as the guy who made me lose my balance instead.

He neatly sidesteps the coming punch.

WYATT   How do you know she didn’t trip because of you? 

Chris steps into the threshold and the foyer lights up automatically.
CHRIS   Well, most girls notice your first then come to me. 

Wyatt smells gossip.

WYATT   Does Bianca knows this? 

CHRIS   She was the one who told me that. 

WYATT   I don’t know if I should be happy with that confirmation from a Phoenix Witch. 

CHRIS   How does Linda deal with it?

The unexpected question catches Wyatt an unawares. 

WYATT   I'm glad we've decided to surprise grandpa.

CHRIS   I get - not my business. 


  1. Having gone through your pilot ep. again, I feel like this extended intro scene of the brothers gives a fresh indication and perspective into the brothers' personalities, with the jogger and with the talk about Linda and Bianca. Definitely makes the readers understand a thing or two about them ;) Cool banter between the two!
    Yes, Wyatt certainly has that "swagger". LOL

  2. Thanks. I also thought the scene also did just that. :D


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