Sunday, February 6, 2011

Music Room!

Music Room is open! You'll find tracks played throughout the creation of each story for this little spin-off.

I decided to do  use short versions of the listed tracks because I realized  the pilot episode had a staggering seven tracks alone. *grinz* You can always check the fuller versions of the songs via the artists' discography found at their respective homepages and then if you love their songs, go and buy a copy too. Of course, if you're already their fan that's a plus. You can play the track whilst reading the episode.


  1. Great that you're endorsing the artists too. I'm still lovin' the soundtrack CDs you gave me ;) The music's very TCP. x

  2. TCP's got some darkness, huh? :D Yup, I thought it would be good to forward traffic to their homepages. I also love your UC OST :D


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