Thursday, April 21, 2011

Charming Videos

It was a free day again for this week and I've started checking out Charmed clips over at Youtube, trying to get some inspiration running and thinking what's TCP trailer would be. I've managed to get a few clips from Forever Charmed and looking for a longer sequence for the ring  that Prue telekinetically sent towards her father. I may have to check the episode guide for it.

I can't get enough of Cole's hand trying to snatch the BOS too. What a perfect setting for "Enemy Within"


  1. I think I just watched that Cole episode a couple months ago. It'd certainly be amazing for your scene. Looking forward to the final product - your TCP promotional trailer! Have you started making it?

    The virtual soundtrack playlist for "Night Mare" is up, so you can listen to it when you read the episode. One scene's inspired by you.

  2. Yes, a promo trailer for TCP. I haven't started it yet. I don't know how to start the trailer. :)

    Yay, a soundtrack playlist! I'll check it out. I inspired a scene? *grinz* which one?

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  4. Just read the episode :) It's all there, surprises and all LOL

    Yeah, can't wait to check out your TCP trailer! Let me know if you need any help.


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