Thursday, March 17, 2011

Waking up to a TCP-connected dream?

Could it be another scene?  I don't know but here was how it all went. 

Melinda was cornered in an alley. All her powers are gone somehow. She appeared to have been running for dear life from a nightmare that doesn't like to end. She was trapped and as she turned around to face the nameless evil, she knew it was her end. *gasped* She was calling out for her brothers but they can't hear her. She slid down and tucked her body. She envied the scurrying mouse as it found sanctuary in his hole. 

The nameless evil was only a foot away from her. She shivered and hugged her knees. Tears streamed down her cheeks and she dared not look up because if she does it would make the pain very real. She called out for her brothers again but this time, her call was guided with a spell. 

In a darkened room, Chris sat up just as a column of light appeared followed by another ball of orbs forming into Melinda's battered body. The brothers found their sister with second-degree burns and they could sense she was dying. 

Chris cradled Melinda as Wyatt healed her but the process went abnormally long and despite Wyatt's immense power behind his abilities, he can't seem to heal his sister. Minutes lengthened and Chris began to chant a spell and soon Melinda was washed with another surge of golden glow but it wasn't only from Wyatt but from Chris as well. 

The dream ended there as I woke up. 


  1. Poor her. I'm glad she got healed. Are you going to include this somewhere in your series?

  2. Yes, somewhere in Season 2 where she and the girls will be recurring. :D This will be fun. I'm can make it past Act 2 of BOT epi. Lolz.


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