Thursday, March 17, 2011

Waking up to a TCP-connected dream?

Could it be another scene?  I don't know but here was how it all went. 

Melinda was cornered in an alley. All her powers are gone somehow. She appeared to have been running for dear life from a nightmare that doesn't like to end. She was trapped and as she turned around to face the nameless evil, she knew it was her end. *gasped* She was calling out for her brothers but they can't hear her. She slid down and tucked her body. She envied the scurrying mouse as it found sanctuary in his hole. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Charmed Comic Fansite

A good site that talks more about the Charmed Comic series published by Zenescope is Charmed Comic Fan
site. It has an insightful interview of  Paul Ruditis who has penned "Leo Rising," "As Puck Would Have It," "The Brewing Storm," and "The Warren Witches Anthology."

I tremendously enjoyed reading the interview because we get a rare glimpse of the evolution of the story, its way to its approval then the goes into the artist hands to visualize them into panels. Once a few pages from the artist are sent back for some more approval, the process picks up that it finds its way to the colorist then finally the letterer who's in charge of laying out the dialogue, captions, and effects. Amazing! I think I would have a field day if I end up visiting their work place.

The site also has the fun The Charmed Comic Awards where you can vote for your favorite issue, cover art, main character favorite, comeback favorite and many more.  It also takes you to breakdowns of the comic such as Previews, Submissions of Early Art, the Creative Team and many more. Do check the site!